How to remove eyeglass lens coatings

Updated April 17, 2017

The right pair of glasses, whether sunglasses or regular eyeglasses can improve or detract from your overall look and style. Many people will stick with the same pair of glasses for years, being comfortable with the frame and the look it gives them. Another reason people stick with the same pair of glasses is the incredibly high cost of replacing them with a new pair. One problem forcing many people to replace their sunglasses or eyeglass lenses is the deterioration of the lens coatings. Once the lens coating begins to scratch or flake off, many believe they have little choice but to go out and buy a replacement pair. Fortunately, the lens coating can be easily removed from most pairs of glasses.

Wipe your lenses clean using a soft lens cloth. Make sure to remove any and all dust or smudges from the lenses.

Apply some sunscreen to the cloth and begin rubbing the lenses until the coating begins to wear off. Sunscreen contains fine particles of aluminium that not only work well to wear away at the coating but also leave the lenses, whether glass or plastic, scratch free.

Continue rubbing the lenses with sunscreen, reapplying more to your cloth from time to time.

Clean the lenses under cold water and wipe clear, once the coating is completely removed.


Lenses can contain scratch resistant coating, mirror coating or UV resistant coating. Avoid using sunglasses that have lost or are losing their UV protection as they can be harmful to your eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft lens cloth
  • Sunscreen
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