How to Reset the Combination for a Meilink Safe

Written by julius vandersteen | 13/05/2017
How to Reset the Combination for a Meilink Safe
(Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

A battery-powered Meilink safe is a good means to protect valuables from theft or personal papers from unauthorised viewing. It's a good idea to periodically change the combination of your Meilink safe, which you can do in just a minute or two.

Press the numbered buttons for your current combination. While you are entering them, the top yellow light will glow on the keypad. Press the "B" button. A green light on the keypad will glow. Turn the safe's knob to the right and open the door.

Press and release the red button inside the door near the hinge. You will hear two beeps and the yellow light will turn on.

Press the numbered buttons for a new three- to eight-digit combination, and then confirm by pressing the "B" button.

Press the numbers for your new combination with the door still open, and then press the "B" button to confirm that you have entered the correct combination. The green light will come on to confirm this.

Close the safe 's door when you are satisfied that you have correctly entered the new combination. Turn the knob to the left. The electronic closing mechanism will engage.

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