How to Create an Anniversary Certificate

Updated March 23, 2017

Wedding anniversary certificates offer a novel way to recognise a couple's marital success. Design attractive anniversary certificates to touch the hearts of your favourite couple. Use an online certificate provider or use desktop publishing software. Print wedding anniversary certificates on attractive paper, framing your creation for best effect.

Open Microsoft Publisher. Select "Award Certificates" from "Publication Types" on the left side of the opening page. Browse certificate template selections.

Double-click on the template you prefer. Make changes to the template from the options provided in the "Format Publication" menu.

Customise the certificate for the anniversary celebrants. Use colours and fonts coordinated to the anniversary year. Incorporate a colour scheme with silver, for example, for a 25th wedding anniversary.

Replace default text with wedding anniversary text, such as "25th Wedding Anniversary." Enter the couple's names in the recipient's name field.

Delete default text from a text box. Add an anniversary quote.

Save your Publisher document. Print and frame your wedding anniversary certificate. Use a frame -- such as silver for a 25th anniversary -- to match the event.

Use a free online wedding anniversary certificate provider. Pick a certificate for the number of years the celebrating couple has been married. Choose a template with features that appeal to you.

Open the website's design template by clicking on the certificate of your choice. Enter the couple's names. Fill in the date.

Click on the website's "Print" option. Print your certificate on parchment paper. Sign the anniversary certificate.

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