How to Braid Palms

Updated February 21, 2017

Palm leaves are long and thin and commonly used as a religious symbol by Christian faiths. The leaves of the palm are braided together, often to make shapes that symbolise important elements of the Easter holiday. A simple braid to complete is a military ribbon braid made with two leaves. When completed the palms create a flat braid, and if desired the ends of the leaves can be passed through the body of the weave to create a crown shape.

Grab the stiff end of one palm by the base, using your thumb and index finger, then peel down to remove the stiff rind. Repeat for the second palm.

Make a loop near the base of one palm, then cross the palms near their bases with the non-looped palm on top and the loop on the left of the other palm.

Wrap the non-looped palm around the body of the looped palm.

Make a fold in the non-looped palm, then pass the fold through the loop, until a similar sized loop is emerging from the first loop.

Make a fold in the palm you used to make the first fold, then slide it through the loop in the second palm.

Repeat the braid, passing each folded section through the loop formed in the other palm, until you reach the end of the palms.

Tuck the loose ends into a loop near the top of the braid for a chain or through loops near the base of the palms to make a ring-shaped crown.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 Palm leaves
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