How to Set Up Scaffolding on Stairs

Updated February 21, 2017

Scaffolding can be erected on solid floors or stairs with the appropriate components and precautions. Following safety procedures when working with scaffolding is critical. Scaffolding built on stairs requires the use of adjustable components in order to build a level platform. A simple and safe solution for erecting scaffolding on stairs is the mini scaffold. These five-piece, narrow scaffolds are easily assembled and erected on stairways.

Assemble the scaffold by standing the end frames upright and connecting the platform rails to end of the frame.

Move the assembled scaffold end with the rails extending onto the stairway.

Place the second end frame on the stair tread and attach it to the platform rails.

Install the platform into the rails.

Adjust the scaffold to a level position by unlocking the safety latches and moving the rails up or down.

Lock the safety latches on the rails and platform.


Assistance with assembling the scaffold is necessary to avoid injury.


Follow safety instructions for assembling and working on scaffolds. Do not use wheels when erecting this scaffold on stairs.

Things You'll Need

  • Stackable scaffold set, 29 1/2 by 74 inches.
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