How to Donate Large Appliances to a Charity

Updated May 08, 2018

Charitable donations come in all shapes and sizes, including large appliances. If you're looking to give away your old refrigerator, washer, dryer or other appliance to a charity, there are many local and national organisations that will accept your donation as long as it's in good working order. By donating to a charity, you can help someone who can't afford a brand-new appliance --- and you may even qualify for a tax deduction for your donation.

Choose a charity to which you want to donate your appliance. Some of the national charities that accept appliance donations include Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, American Council of the Blind and Habitat for Humanity. Alternatively, Excess Access is a service that links donations with the wish lists of nearby charities or recipients and allows you to arrange for pickup or drop-off with the recipient.

Call your charity of choice. Ask whether they accept large appliances and if they can pick up your donation. Keep in mind that some charities will not accept large appliance donations, such as refrigerators. If that's the case, contact local churches, shelters, schools and thrift stores that might need your appliance, or try the Excess Access service.

Prepare for pickup or drop-off of your appliance. Clean the appliance inside and out. Arrange a time that works with your schedule, or ask whether you can leave the item outside for pickup. Ensure that you have adequate personal liability insurance in place in the event that a mishap occurs on your property during the pickup of your appliance.

Get a receipt. The charitable organisation should provide you with a donation receipt for tax purposes. Excess Access provides a tax receipt and thank-you e-mail with the nonprofit's tax-exempt ID number and sends a copy to both the donor and the non-profit. Your tax preparer can discuss specifics on obtaining a tax deduction for your donation.

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