How to Reset the Ink in an MP470

Updated February 21, 2017

The Canon Pixma MP470 is a colour all-in-one inkjet printer that uses a single colour cartridge and a black ink cartridge. Each of the cartridges has a chip that counts the characters printed to track the ink level to determine when it is almost empty. The cartridges can be refilled with ink when they run low instead of being replaced. A refilled cartridge must be reset for you to continue to use it with the MP470.

Press the power button to turn the MP470 off. Disconnect the power cord from the electrical socket.

Press and hold the power button. Plug the power cord into the electrical socket.

Press and release the "Stop/Reset" button twice. Release the power button.

Press the right arrow button on the printer control panel until "Shipping Mode 3" is displayed.

Press the "OK" button.

Press the "Stop/Reset" button when "Without Cleaning" appears on the display. A test page prints.

Open the printer top cover. The ink carriage moves to the left side.

Disconnect the power cord from the electrical socket.

Remove the cartridges from the ink carriage. Close the printer top cover.

Connect the power cord into the outlet.

Press the power button to turn the printer back on.

Open the top cover and install the cartridges when the "Replace Cartridges" message appears on the display. The printer recognises the cartridges as new and full.

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