How to Program a Living Solution Universal Remote Control

Updated April 17, 2017

The Living Solution universal remote control is a popular brand of replacement remote control that can be found at many stores across the country. This universal remote can be programmed to operate up to three different devices including televisions, DVD players and VCRs. By following the programming instructions and locating the list of programming codes for your device, you can soon replace a lost remote or combine all of your devices into one remote to help you better operate your home entertainment system.

Turn on the device that you want to operate with the Living Solution universal remote control. Do this manually by pressing the "Power" button on the front or side of the device itself. Keep other devices turned off during this time.

Find the list of programming codes for your device by searching through the user manual that came with the universal remote. These codes are sorted by device type and manufacturer, not by model. Write down all of the codes that appear for your device as you might have to try more than one to find one that works properly.

Press and hold the "Mode" button at the top of the remote that matches up to the type of device you are programming for at least three seconds. Let go when the power light turns on to indicate you have begun programming mode.

Enter in the first three-digit code for your device using the number pad in the centre of the remote. Do not hold any number down and pause briefly between each one. When finished, the power light will turn off to indicate that a valid code was entered.

Point the remote at the device you have programmed and press the "Power" button. The device should turn off. If it does, turn it back on and test out all of the buttons on the remote to ensure they work properly. If the remote does not work to your expectations, repeat the programming process using the next code on the list until you find one that works.

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