How to Unlock a Sharp DVD Player

Updated July 20, 2017

Like DVD players from other manufacturers, Sharp DVD players are designed to only play DVDs from a specific region by default. This means that if you try to play a DVD from another region on a player, it does not play. There are, however, some codes you can enter with your DVD player remote for certain models of Sharp DVD players that allow you to change your player's region. This allows you to play DVDs from any region you desire on the player.

Press the "Stop" button on the remote.

Press the "Setup" button.

Press the "Pause" button then the 1, 2 and 3 buttons.

Select a region.

Press the "Setup" button on the remote control.

Press 3, 8, 8 and 3 (or 3, 7, 7 and 4).

Select your region.

Press the "Setup" button on the remote control.

Select "Preferences."

Press the "Pause" button then the "Previous Chapter" button and finally the "Next Chapter" button.

Choose your region.


There are no known codes for unlocking the CD-DVD500, DV-560H, DV-600, DV-600U, DV-650U, DV-654Z, DV-660, DV-700S, DV-710, DV-720, DV-750, DV-770, DV-775, DV-890, DV-HR300, DV-HR400, DV-HR450, DV-HR480, DV-L70, DV-L80, DV-L88S, DV-L90TC, DV-LS10H, DV-NC100H, DV-NC55, DV-NC60H, DV-NC65H, DV-NC65S, DV-NC70U, DV-NC80X, DV-NC85, DV-RW250, DV-RW260, DV-RW270, DV-RW2U, DV-RW340U, DV-RW350U, DV-S11S, DV-S1H, DV-S1S, DV-S1U, DV-S1X, DV-S25U, DV-S2U, DV-S5UM, DV-SF20, DV-SF60P, DV-SL10, DV-SL20U, DV-SL80U, DV-SL80X, DV-SL8W, DV-SR3U, DV-SR45U, DV-SV80H, HT-AT4000DV, SD-AT100, SD-AT50DV, SD-SH111, XL-DV50H or XL-DV60 models.

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