My Fuji FinePix Won't Power Up Even With New Batteries

Updated February 21, 2017

Fuji has produced more than 30 different FinePix camera models. The brand is popular with many photography enthusiasts, and is used by both amateur and more experienced photographers worldwide. Even still, FinePix cameras aren't perfect and may misbehave from time to time. One FinePix issue is power. If the camera fails to power up, there is a problem with the power source or how the charging terminals in the camera's battery chamber are reacting to the power source.

Insert the correct batteries. The batteries required differ depending on the Fuji FinePix model. Some FinePix cameras require two AA alkaline batteries or two AA rechargeable Lithium-ion or Ni-MH batteries. Others use a rechargeable NP-45A battery charges with the included battery charger. Check the FinePix user manual to find the correct batteries for your camera.

Clean the battery terminals at the bottom of the battery bay and on the battery charger, if applicable. If dirt collects on the battery terminals, they may not be able to catch or give the charge. To clean the terminals, remove the batteries and wipe the terminals down with a soft, dry cloth.

Insert the battery in the correct orientation. Check your FinePix user manual for the correct orientation for your type of battery. When inserting a NP-45A rechargeable battery, for example, turn the FinePix off and remove the battery chamber cover. Insert the terminal end of the battery first, and keep the orange stripe on the battery aligned with the orange battery latch.

Close the battery chamber cover latch. The camera will not turn on if the latch is not secure. If you have broken the latch, the camera may not be able to catch the charge from the inserted battery.

Make sure the batteries are not cold. Remove the batteries and place them in your pocket or another warm place. Once they reach room temperature, reinsert the batteries.

Look at the battery charging indicator lights. When the battery is not inserted correctly or not fully charged, the charging indicator is off. When there is a problem with the battery, the indicator will blink.

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