How to Connect Your Logitech MK300

Written by alan okpechi | 13/05/2017
How to Connect Your Logitech MK300
Connect your Logitech MK300 using the provided installation software. (computer mouse image by jenny from

Logitech is a leader in manufacturing peripheral hardware such as gaming controllers, webcams, keyboards and mice. The Logitech MK300 series provides both a keyboard and mouse and features wireless connectivity. Wireless keyboards and mice allow users to input data and communicate without being restricted by the length of a keyboard cord or mouse cord. Wireless connectivity allows users to use computers from the comfort of a couch or bed and gives more freedom than a traditional corded mouse or keyboard.

Ensure that your desktop or laptop is powered on.

Connect the wireless transmitter to a free USB port on your computer.

Place batteries in both the wireless keyboard and mouse.

Allow Windows "Add New Hardware Wizard" to automatically locate the MK300 software and drivers.

Insert the installation CD if Windows is unable to install the required MK300 SetPoint software.

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