How to Make Tiger Scarecrows Out of Pots

Scarecrows can add a touch of fall to any room, but they're especially useful if you have a garden. While there are many ways to build a scarecrow and traditionally they are made with stuffing straw and wooden rods, there is nothing in the rules that says you can't make them out of something else, like pots. With a little imagination you'll begin to see countless ways to make your new scarecrows.

Paint all of the pots using the orange acrylic paint. Most terra cotta pots naturally come in an orange hue. If you like the natural orange, then you can skip painting everything orange.

Paint the tiger face on to the 6-inch pot. The pot will be glued facing up so make sure you paint the face with the pot facing up.

Cut out two orange felt triangles. Glue them to the front rim of the tiger's head on the 6-inch pot.

To make the arms, grab one of the pieces of wire and a bunch of raffia. Fold the raffia in half over one of the ends of the wire and fold the wire over the raffia twisting the end to secure the raffia.

Feed the free end of the wire through one of the button holes, back through the other hole on the same button then back through the original button hole. The first button should be right above the straw bunch. Dab some glue on the button and pull the wire through the bottom hole of one of the 2-inch pots. The glue should hold the pot in place. About 1 1/2 inches up thread another button through the wire in the same manner as the first. Dab some glue and pull through another 2-inch pot. Do this two more times and this will be one arm. Repeat the whole process for the other arm.

Use the E600 glue to glue the pots together. Starting at the bottom, lay down one of the 8-inch pots facing down. Then glue down the next 8-inch pot facing up. Attach the ends of the two arms to the inside of the second 8-inch pot, one on each side. Then place the third 8-inch pot nestled inside the second pot. Glue down the rims to secure the arms. Then glue down the 8-inch saucer followed by the 6-inch pot facing up. Let everything dry for at least two days without moving.

Paint the black strips on the body using the black acrylic paint. Don't forget the ears.

Place your finished scarecrow in your garden and get some peace of mind knowing that your vegetables are protected.


Before you glue the main body together, move to an area where you can leave it undisturbed for the next two days, that way you don't have to move it right after gluing everything and risk something falling of and breaking. You can plant some orange flower in the 6-inch pot that faces upwards. Or you can glue a straw hat at the very top. Just make sure the ears go on the outside. Move your scarecrow around your garden every once in a while so that the birds won't suspect foul play.

Things You'll Need

  • E600 glue
  • Acrylic paints (mostly orange and black)
  • Raffia
  • Orange felt
  • Three clay pots (8 inches)
  • One clay saucer (10 inches)
  • One clay pot (6 inches)
  • Eight clay pots (2 inches)
  • Two pieces of wire
  • Eight buttons larger than the bottom holes on the 2-inch pots
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