How to Change the TomTom One XL Battery

Updated April 17, 2017

A faulty GPS can turn a fun trip into a long, frustrating event. At times, GPS units are the only way to navigate some areas. Most GPS units come with car chargers to keep them powered, but a defective battery can stop charging. TomTom One XL units come preloaded with navigational maps that can be upgraded over the years, but a defective battery can make the unit obsolete. Changing the battery will extend the life of the unit and save the cost of buying a new GPS.

Lay the TomTom One XL face down on a soft cloth or soft, flat surface to avoid scratching the face. Remove the SD card if it is still in the unit as well as any antenna connections. Remove the four screws on the rear of the unit using a Torx bit screwdriver. Carefully remove the back cover of the unit using a mini flat screwdriver and avoid pulling the wires that connect the cover to the unit.

Disconnect the battery by unplugging the white connector plug. Be careful not to remove the speaker wire at the top of the GPS unit. Use a mini flat screwdriver to dislodge the battery from its cradle and gently remove the battery. Lay down a strip of double-sided tape in the battery cradle to secure the new battery to the back cover.

Gently press the new battery to the tape and reconnect the battery to the white connector plug. Gently press the back cover onto the unit and clip it into place. Make sure all four corners are securely in place.

Lay the GPS unit face down on a soft flat surface. Reinsert the four screws and tighten them. Turn on the GPS unit to make sure the battery is delivering power to the unit. Charge the battery for at least two hours before continuing regular use. Reinsert the SD card and any antenna connections.


Replacement kits have all the tools necessary to complete the job.

Things You'll Need

  • Torx bit screwdriver
  • Mini flat screwdriver
  • Double-sided tape
  • Replacement battery
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