How to Make a Gun Holster Pattern

Making a custom holster pattern is a simple process. The process includes drawing an outline of the gun and making adjustments for slits to place the holster on a belt as well as enough extra space to allow for seam allowances. Once you create a pattern, you can use the same pattern to create holsters for other individuals who have the same kind of gun, or to make several different holsters for the same gun.

Draw a straight line down the middle of a sheet of paper with a pencil. Use the ruler as a straight guide. Lay the gun onto the line, and then carefully tip it over so that the top edge of the gun sits along the centre edge of the line.

Draw lines around the edge of the gun to outline the shape of the gun. Remove the gun from the piece of paper. Draw additional lines around the gun to add shape to the holster. Add width to the left and right sides of the gun barrel to leave enough room to slide the holster onto a belt.

Measure the width of the gun with the ruler. Divide this measurement in half. Add the halved measurement to the outline of the gun on the paper. This provides the necessary measurements to fit the gun between the two pieces of leather. Add an additional ½ inch of width to all edges of the holster to allow for a seam. Cut the final pattern out with scissors.

Trace the final holster outline onto a manila folder or a piece of thin cardboard. Mark the outlines for the stitch placement and belt slits onto the manila folder. Use scissors to cut the pattern out.

Fit the two pattern pieces together. Make sure they are the same and match exactly. Fit the paper holster over the gun to ensure that the pieces fit properly, and that the design is how you want it. Make any adjustments and create a new pattern with the new adjustments.


Never work with a loaded gun. Always make sure there is no clip inside the gun and that the chamber is empty, as well. Safety is a high priority when handling guns.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Handgun
  • Manila folder
  • Scissors
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