How to Reset Denon Receivers

Updated April 17, 2017

If the display isn't working correctly, the commands are no longer working as they should or all preset functions fail to respond, it's time to reset your Denon receiver. The receiver is responsible for commanding all devices and components in your system to work as one to provide a seamless home entertainment experience. Small defects, misinformation or lack of communication can distort your system's performance. Electrical shortages and static issues can damage the microprocessor, or perhaps you purchased the receiver from a friend or yard sale and need to start over, either way, a solution is readily available.

Save the information currently stored in your Denon receiver, such as device commands and multi-zone controls. Some Denon receivers can control multiple rooms and each room needs to be set-up properly to provide the correct controls. If the receiver was installed professionally it may be best to contact the installer before resetting the device.

Press the "Power" button or the "On/ Standby" button to shut off the receiver. On some receivers it is best to press the button on the device instead of the remote as the remote will normally put the receiver in standby mode. Ensure the display and all other lights on the device are off. Do not unplug the Denon receiver as it will not reset.

Press the "Power" button and at the same time press two buttons on the front panel, which are determined by the model Denon you own. Most receivers identify the two buttons inside the user's manual, while some older Denon receivers require you contact Denon for the right button combination. For example, some Denon models require the "Standard" and "DSP Simulation" buttons to be pressed simultaneously.

The display will start flashing at about one second intervals. Release the two buttons. Turn on the receiver by pressing the "Power" or the "On/ Standby" button to verify the previous settings and saved radio stations have been erased. If the interface does not flash, the reset was not complete and needs to be redone. Re-enter the previous settings to ensure there are no further issues with the receiver.

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