How to remove the pin from a vodafone SIM card

Updated April 17, 2017

A SIM card is a small chip that resides inside most cell phones and contains personal information such as your phone number and contacts. SIM stands for "subscriber identity module." You can use a Vodafone SIM card in any mobile phone, whether or not the phone's access to the Vodafone network is blocked. Many people like to protect the information on their SIM cards with personal identification numbers, or PINs. When PIN protection is activated, each time you use the phone, you'll have to enter your PIN before the SIM activates. You can turn off the PIN protection if you don't want to enter the code every time you use the phone.

Remove the battery cover and the battery from your mobile phone. Insert the Vodafone SIM. Reinsert the battery and replace the battery cover.

Hold down the power button to switch on your phone. Enter your current PIN code and press "OK."

Access the main menu, navigate to and open "Settings." Within this sub-menu, locate "Security" and select it.

Select "PIN Check" and change the setting to "Disable." Enter the current PIN code to confirm this operation. The PIN code will be removed from your SIM.

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