How to Print C4 Envelopes

Updated April 17, 2017

C4 envelopes are sized differently than the standard paper envelope, which allows you to mail oddly shaped documents or include other objects with your correspondence. If you don't want to buy separate sticker labels to print and adhere to the envelopes, your printer includes an option to print directly on the envelope, even though it isn't a traditional size. Printing directly on a C4 envelope requires choosing different options and moving different parts, depending on which brand of printer you use.

Pull any standard sized paper out of the HP's paper feed tray. Set the C4 sized envelope onto the paper feed tray with the front end facing down and the flap end facing up. The flap should be on the left end of the envelope, with the flap's point facing towards the right.

Push the feed tray's plastic paper guide over to the left until it is touching the edge of the envelope. Access the text document on your computer containing the data you want to print on the envelope.

Select "File" and choose "Print," or choose the equivalent option for the word processing software you use. Click "Properties" and navigate to the "Paper/Quality" tab.

Select the "Size is" drop-down box and choose "C4 Envelope." Click "OK" and choose "Print."

Pull out the paper currently in the Dell printer's paper tray and slide the C4 envelope into the tray. Push the envelope to the far left edge of the tray and slide over the paper guide so it comes into contact with the side of the envelope.

Ensure the envelope is positioned with the front side facing down and the sealing flap side facing up. Tap the "Menu" button on the printer's control panel.

Use the arrow keys to scroll to the "Tray Settings" option and press the "OK" button. Select "Paper Type" and hit "OK." Choose "MPF" and hit "OK."

Scroll to the "C4" envelope option and press "OK." Tap "Menu." Open your text document and choose "Print." Select "Properties" and choose the "C4 Envelope" option. Click "OK" and choose "Print."

Pull open the paper output tray at the bottom of the Epson printer and pull the plastic extension toward you. Pull up the plastic paper stopper and slide it over to the left.

Set the envelope inside the paper feed tray with the left edge touching the paper stopper and the flap side facing away from you. Navigate to your word processing document containing the text to be printed on the envelope.

Navigate through "File" to "Print" and "Properties." Choose "Paper/Quality," or the equivalent option, and click "C4 Envelope" in the drop-down menu. Choose "OK" and click "Print" to print the envelope.


Some printer models include a physical switch inside the machine to turn on envelope printing mode. Pull open the printer's front plastic door and turn the switch to the "On" position. Check your printer's manual to see if your model includes an envelope switch. The option for choosing the C4 envelope size may vary between word processing software. Check the program's "Help" file if you don't see a "Properties" or "Paper/Quality" option.


Depending on how your printer's paper tray is designed, you may need to set a stack of up to 25 C4 envelopes in the tray to get the printer to properly pick up the envelope.

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