How to Use the Boss BR900CD Recording Studio

Updated February 21, 2017

The Boss BR900CD is an all-in-one recording device that offers its user portability and ease-of-use for all their recording needs. With eight tracks of recording and a built-in CD recorder, you can go from start to finish without the use of any other devices. With built-in effects for mixing and tracking, as well as the capability of using multiple virtual tracks, users can achieve the perfect version of the song or music being recorded.

Insert a memory card into its slot on the left side on the BR900CD. The BR900CD uses Compact Flash memory cards, and any brand is acceptable. Make sure the card's label is facing upwards to insert it properly and the power to the unit is off.

Turn the unit on by lowering the "Master" fader to the lowest position. Press the power button located on the back of the BR900CD. After you have turned the unit on, turn on any external speakers you are using, if they are powered.

Format the memory card before proceeding, as you can only record to the memory card if it is formatted properly. Press "Utility," move the cursor to "Ini" and press "Enter." Move the cursor once more to "Card" and press "Enter." Press "Enter" when you see the question "Are you sure?" and the BR900CD will format the card.

Select the data type for the recording. The BR900CD has three modes: HiFi, STD and LONG. The HiFi mode provides the highest quality, but the least amount of available time, whereas the LONG mode provides a longer amount of time at a lower quality, perfect for demos and live recordings where quality is not crucial.

Press "Utility", then "New" and press "Enter" to start recording a new song. Press "Enter" when you see "Are you sure?" on the LCD screen. This will allow you to record audio.

Plug an instrument into an input on the back of the unit. You can plug in a guitar, bass, microphone or even a drum machine for recording. Make sure the phantom power is off unless you are using a condenser microphone, as it may cause damage to electronics or non-condenser microphones.

Select the input you are using on the front of the unit by pressing the corresponding button to the input or inputs you have chosen. Adjust the overall input volume to prevent distortion and to get a strong signal for recording for each input. Those knobs and buttons are on the front of the unit, on the left side towards the top.

Press "Rec Mode" until "Input" is indicated on the screen. Press "Rec" followed by "Play" to begin the recording process. When you are finished, simply hit "Stop."

Press "Zero" to go to the beginning of the recently recorded audio and press "Play" to listen to the audio from the beginning.

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