How to recycle lithium ion batteries

Updated July 19, 2017

Lithium ion batteries, while very popular and widely used in portable electronic devices like cell phones, digital cameras and laptops, don't last forever. When they stop holding a charge, you can bring them to almost any electronics retailer to recycle them, as well as your local recycling centre. Recycling lithium ion batteries is simple and good for the environment; it keeps toxic chemicals out of landfills where they can leech into the ground and into drinking water.

Bring the battery to the store where you bought the cell phone, if the lithium ion battery you are recycling came from a cell phone. If they do not offer such a program, two major electronics retailers, Staples and Best Buy, will let you recycle batteries from your electronic devices for free.

Check with your local town office or recycling facility, if there are no stores near you that offer a recycling program. If they don't offer battery recycling either, they can most likely inform you of the closest place that does.

Place the old battery in a plastic bag. This will prevent anyone from coming in contact with the battery should it begin to corrode and leak. Bring the battery to the nearest store or recycling facility. There will be no recycling fee.

Things You'll Need

  • Old lithium ion battery
  • Plastic bag
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