How to Create Ringtones With Voice Memos for My iPhone

Updated February 21, 2017

The iPhone is a popular model of cell phone manufactured by Apple, Inc., a Californian computing and electronics company. One of the many built-in iPhone applications allows you to record voice memos for quickly taking notes while you are away from your computer. Once recorded, notes can be played back at your convenience. In order to make a voice memo your iPhone ringtone, you have to make some minor alterations to the file on your desktop computer.

Tap the voice memo application from your iPhone home screen. Record your memo, and save it.

Connect your iPhone to your computer via its USB cable. Open iTunes if it doesn't start automatically.

Select your iPhone from the left column of iTunes, and click "Sync."

Click the "Voice Memo" playlist from the left column of iTunes. This will display a list of your voice memos recorded on your iPhone. Play the memo to make sure you have the right one before clicking and dragging it from iTunes to your desktop.

Go to your desktop. Right-click the voice memo file, and select "Properties." On a Macintosh, click the file once, hold down the "Command" (Apple) key and press "i."

Change the existing file extension from "M4B" to "M4R." A warning will appear, confirm the change. You can also change the file name at this point before adding it to your iPhone.

Drag the new "M4R" file to the "Ringtones" folder in iTunes.

Click your iPhone icon from the left column of iTunes and select the "Ringtones" tab. Make sure "Sync Ringtones" is checked before clicking "Sync" again.

Disconnect your iPhone from your computer, and tap the "Sounds" icon on your iPhone.

Tap "Ringtone." A list of ringtone M4R files on your phone will appear. Tap the voice memo file from the list, and choose to set it as your ringtone. The memo will now play when your phone rings.

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