How to Stain Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic birch is a material that is often used in the production of furniture, such as sideboards, dressers and cabinets. This wood is naturally darker in appearance than other types, such as maple, and can easily be stained to match other pieces in the home. Unfortunately, birch plywood can also take on a blotchy appearance if stained incorrectly. In order to achieve a more uniform finish, a coat of pre-stain should first be applied to the birch plywood.

Sand the birch plywood with a fine-grain sandpaper, such as 100 grit. This will create a roughened surface to which the stain will more easily adhere. Wipe away any dust created by the sanding process with a soft cloth before continuing.

Apply a layer of pre-stain conditioner to the Baltic birch plywood with a paintbrush. Allow the pre-stain conditioner to dry completely, which could take up to six hours.

Apply a layer of water-based stain to the birch plywood with a paintbrush. Apply the stain in a single even coat to ensure a more uniform finished product. Allow the first layer of stain to dry for four to six hours before applying a second coat, if desired.

Allow the stain to dry overnight, then apply a layer of clear coat sealant with a paint brush. Allow this sealant to dry overnight before handling the piece.


Apply the pre-stain conditioner and stain to the Baltic birch plywood pieces in a well-ventilated area.

Things You'll Need

  • Sandpaper
  • Soft cloth
  • Pre-stain conditioner
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water-based stain
  • Clear coat sealant
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