How to Organize a Launch Party

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether you're launching a product, a restaurant or a book, a launch party is important for promotion. How you promote your product, though, changes according to the people you're trying to reach. "Whatever you do, don't try to host one event for lots of different audiences. ...When it comes to launch events, one size does not fit all," Joan Schneider writes in "The New Launch Plan: 152 Tips, Tactics, and Trends From the Most Memorable New Products."

Write out your guest list. If you're trying to reach potential customers, invite them via flyers, social networking and local promotion. If you're hosting a launch party for fellow businesses, send invitations to people who work in your field and might be interested in your product. And if you're aiming for large-scale marketing, invite print, broadcast and online media.

Choose a venue. If you're launching a business, your venue is built in. For a product, you need a venue that reflects the product and is close to your target audience. For a book launch you might choose a library or a bookstore. If you're launching a product you might choose a trade show.

Set a date and choose a time that doesn't conflict with other events that might draw your guests away. You will probably have to put up with some competition at a trade show. But it's easy to schedule a conflict-free event if you're having your launch at your business, or you're launching a book or movie.

Develop your promotion plan with your audience in mind. Ask yourself what your audience would most want to know about your product. Make a list of the product's features and why they're important. That way, if you have to eliminate something from the launch party, you will know what you must keep and what can go.

Consider your options for promotion. Raffling off or handing out a few books are good ways to get people interested in reading them. If you're opening a restaurant, consider having a grand opening celebration with free samples.

Be creative with your promotion. Flyers and invitations are a start, but don't stop there. Use social networking and technology to get the word out. Sites that allow you to upload video are a great way to promote, and they can be embedded in many social networking sites. Set up a site or account for your launch party and use these to get the word out.


Select creative invitations that reflect your product and are consistent with your promotion message. All aspects of your launch party should represent your product.

Things You'll Need

  • Guest list
  • Venue
  • Promotion plan
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