How to Reset the Mini Cooper Oil Change Interval

Updated April 17, 2017

Driving a Mini Cooper can be fun and exhilarating, but like every car, it requires maintenance. Changing the oil is a key to maintaining your engine, and thankfully, the vehicle's computer keeps track of how many miles you've driven since the last oil change. You must reset the oil service indicator on an '02-'06 Mini after an oil change in order to maintain the correct service intervals.

Find the trip odometer button on your instrument panel and press it without releasing it.

Put the key in the ignition (with the trip button held down) and turn the key to the first position.

Wait for the display to read "RESET."

Release the trip button, and immediately press and hold it again.

Make sure the "RESET" light flashes.

Let go of the button, then quickly press it again without holding it down. The service interval should now be reset.


Only reset the oil change interval after an oil change.

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