How to Edge a Patio With Brick

Enhancing the looks of your landscape does not mean you have to take on an expensive remodelling project. In fact, you can embellish your landscaping and existing patio by simply adding a brick edging to further outline the outdoor surface. Use brick edging to tie a slab patio into your landscaping theme or help match the outdoor surface with the exterior siding of your home. Installing brick edging around a patio requires a few basic tools, minimal effort and only a few hours of installation time.

Measure the thickness of the bricks you intend to use as the patio edging. Divide the thickness in half and add two inches to this measurement to determine the total depth you need to use when digging a trench around the patio. Measure the width of the bricks to help determine the necessary width for the trench.

Dig the trench around the patio surface using a spade and both the measurements from the previous step. Check the depth of the trench with the tape measure to ensure you reach the necessary depth for installing the brick edging.

Level the bottom of the trench to create a perfectly level surface around the patio. Because your patio is level, you want the brick edging to match, or your edging will appear sloppy and unattractive.

Compact the soil at the base of the trench using a soil compactor tool. If using a manual soil compactor, pound the device against the ground to compact the soil and prevent future shifting and settling. If using a mechanical compactor, run the device over the bottom of the trench until the soil resists shifting.

Place a two-inch thick layer of gravel at the bottom of the trench. Level and compact this gravel layer using the soil compactor device. This gravel layer helps strengthen the foundation for the edging to prevent settling and create good drainage under the bricks.

Start laying bricks inside the trench, starting at one corner of the patio and working around. If possible, start along a corner of the patio that abuts the house. Place each brick as close as possible to the last brick in the row, leaving little or no gaps between bricks.


Vary the depth of the trench you dig, according to how much of the brick's thickness you wish to have sticking above the surfaces of the ground and patio. To create a more permanent edging for your patio, you may use mortar to help set the bricks into place along the edge of the patio surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Spade
  • Level
  • Soil compactor
  • Gravel
  • Ready-mix mortar (optional)
  • Trowel (optional)
  • Joint tool (optional)
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