How to Lift Your Own Body Weight

Updated November 21, 2016

Lifting your own body weight can be an extremely challenging and physically demanding exercise; which often takes months of practicing to train for and perfect. One exercise that involves lifting your own body weight is the pull-up. The pull-up is a resistance exercise that works the upper body.

Practice assisted pull-ups by using a lower gym bar. With the bar situated four feet off the ground, you should sit on the floor with both hands gripping the bar, palms facing you. Lift your body up off the ground, while keeping your legs on the ground. Aim to lift your chin higher than the bar before lowering your body back to the ground. Practice this exercise regularly to strengthen the muscles needed to perform a pull-up.

Practice the pull-up negative by progressing to the high gym bar. Grip the bar with your palms facing forward and ask a friend to lift you until your chin is higher than the bar. Now lower your body down as slowly as possible. This will be extremely difficult to begin with. Keep your legs up off the ground and hang with your arms at full stretch for five seconds before lowering your feet back down to the floor. This exercise will train your body to support it's own weight. You can also perform this exercise as a chin-up, which means your palms will be facing you rather than facing away. This exercise is slightly less demanding than the pull-up.

Practice the pull-up by standing with your hands gripping the bar. The hands should be positioned shoulder width apart with the palms facing forward. Lift your body up until your chin is higher than the bar. Now lower your body slowly down to a hanging position. You can now lower your legs to the ground. After lots of practice you will eventually be capable of practicing a number of pull-ups at a time. For this you should avoid lowering your feet to the ground and raise you body back up to repeat the exercise.

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