How to Find a Cell Tower

Updated February 21, 2017

Cell towers are built and owned by phone companies to provide reception for your phone. Finding a cell tower will increase your chances of good reception. There are plenty of websites at your disposal for tracking down cell towers. They will even provide you with the exact coordinates based on the details you provide. It is a useful tool when you discover that you are in an area that has little or no reception.

Go to a website that offers cell tower searches. and are a few examples of websites that will let you search towers in your area.

Enter as many of the address details as possible, including the street address, city, state and Postcode. This will search for all towers, both existing and future, within a 4 mile radius of the address you entered. The database will show when it was last updated.

Enter a nearby street in the address section if you're not entirely sure of the address.

Choose your provider from the list displayed. The map will load with cell towers.

Write down the address of the cell tower and enter this address into the tower search website to get the exact coordinates of the tower. The coordinates will appear in latitude and longitude.

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