How to Tie Airwalk Shoes With Two Sets of Shoestrings

Updated February 21, 2017

Airwalk designs shoes and sneakers for board sports enthusiasts, and are most common among skateboarders. Skaters pride themselves on having a head-to-toe style that separates them from the crowd. Skate sneakers are worn with looser lacing than standard shoes and are often tied in inventive ways, with the focus on aesthetics as much as on function. Double lacing is one such tying technique, in which two sets of shoestrings, usually of different colours, are threaded through each sneaker.

Thread a shoelace through the lowest set of eyelets on one of the Airwalk shoes. Insert one end of the lace through the top of the left eyelet. Pull the lace out from underneath the right eyelet. Tug on the ends so that the lace is centred. Lay the ends of the shoelace off to the sides of the shoe.

Repeat the threading technique from Step 1 with another, different-coloured shoelace. Pull this lace through the set of eyelets immediately above the first shoelace.

Hold one end of the first shoelace. Cross it over the tongue. Pull it out from underneath the lowest available eyelet.

Repeat with the other end of the lace, creating an "x" shape that passes over the second shoelace.

Repeat the threading process from Steps 3 and 4 for the second shoelace, again pulling the laces out from underneath the lowest available eyelets.

Repeat the process, alternating between the two shoelaces until one set of laces passes through the topmost eyelets. The other shoelace will terminate at the set of eyelets immediately below the topmost eyelets.

Repeat for the second shoe.

Loosely tie the laces together or leave them untied when wearing the Airwalks.

Things You'll Need

  • Two sets of short, different-coloured shoelaces
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