How to Rename Kindle e-Books

Written by jason spidle | 13/05/2017
How to Rename Kindle e-Books
You can rename Kindle e-books purchased from Amazon or downloaded on the Internet. (PM Images/Photodisc/Getty Images)

The Amazon Kindle is a portable e-book reader that you can use to read e-books from the Amazon e-book catalogue or free e-books available on the Web that are converted into the Mobi e-book format. When displaying your library of books on the Kindle, the device will read the e-book file's metadata information to determine the title, author and other characteristics relating to the book. You can edit the e-book metadata information to rename the books to display the titles of your preference. Free e-books can be edited using the free software Calibre, and books purchased from the Amazon e-book store can be edited using the free software Mobi2Mobi.

Download the mobipearl scripts zip file (see Resources).

Unzip the file to "C:\Program Files\Mobi2Mobi." If this folder does not exist, you will need to create it.

Download the Mobi2Mobi program zip file (see Resources).

Unzip the program to "C:\Program Files\Mobi2Mobi."

Double-click "My Computer" and navigate to "C:\Program Files\Mobi2Mobi."

Double-click "Mobi2Mobi.exe" to launch the program. Click "OK" to set the script and books folders. The script folder should be set to "C:\Program Files\Mobi2Mobi," and the books folder should be set to where your Amazon books are located.

Click "Open File" and select the Amazon book you wish to rename.

Check the box for "Book Title," and enter a new name for your Amazon e-book. You can change other book data by checking the appropriate box and then entering the new information.

Click "Convert" when you are ready to commit the changes. This will alter the e-book metadata according to your preferences.

Transfer the book to your Kindle using the appropriate USB cable, and the new title will be reflected when viewing your library on the device.

Download and install Calibre (see Resources).

Select "Start," "Programs," "Calibre" and then "Calibre E-Book Management."

Click "Add Books" and select the e-book file you wish to rename.

Click "Edit Meta Information."

Type a new title for the e-book to rename it. You can also edit other e-book meta information. Click "Save" once you have finished editing your e-book.

Click "Send to Device" to transfer the renamed e-book to your Kindle. Be sure that your Kindle is connected using the appropriate USB cable before clicking this button.

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