How to Display Tea Towels

Updated July 20, 2017

Tea towels are a kitchen accessory that are kept to dry off dishes and silverware that have been cleaned. These towels are usually kept clean and neat to be displayed as a decorative component for the kitchen area. There are many ways to display tea towels so that their artistic beauty may be expressed and fully shown to visitors of the area. Displaying tea towels in certain ways can heighten the existing beauty of any kitchen.

Fold tea towels into triangles by folding the towels diagonally twice.

Place the triangle tea towels at each place on the table, in front of each chair or sitting area.

Place china, plates or bowls on top of or at the side of the tea towels.

Place any other folded tea towels in a circle at the middle of the table. Put a glass bowl or other decorative centrepiece in the middle of the circle.

Pull tea towels through napkin rings.

Place tea towels next to any china or dishes on a table in your dining room or kitchen eating area.

Fluff out the ends of the towels so the designs may be fully displayed.

Place a kitchen towel holder on a clean surface anywhere on your kitchen counters.

Pull tea towels through the towel-holder ring. Make sure the tags are folded inward and the main design is showing.

Place decorative fruit around the base of the towel holder to draw attention toward the tea towel.

Empty kitchen cabinets and clean any debris from the shelf floors.

Line the floors of each shelf in the cabinet with your favourite tea towels.

Place your items--cups, glasses, bowls and plates--on each shelf, on top of your tea towels.

Line a small basket or bowl with a tea towel. Make sure the design is facing down. The ends of the tea towel should be draping over the edges of the basket or bowl.

Place hot muffins, pastries, rolls or biscuits in the basket or bowl, on top of the tea towel.

Place the ends of the tea towel on top of the breads to cover them. This will keep them from being exposed to air and will keep them warm.


Make sure you keep your tea towels clean and neat at all times to appreciate fully the art associated with tea towels.

Things You'll Need

  • Tea towels
  • Napkin holders
  • Kitchen towel holder
  • Kitchen table
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