How to Repair a Rotary Watch

Updated April 17, 2017

A timepiece that is unable to tell time is nothing more than a wrist ornament. A watch that does not work because it is damaged has even less of a purpose. A watch that is malfunctioning or displaying the improper time may be fixed by implementing a few troubleshooting techniques. Most watch problems involve operating watches' alarms. For more complex issues, you may need to have your Rotary watch professionally repaired at the authorised Rotary repair service centre.

Check the auxiliary time. The alarm will not go off at the correct time if the auxiliary time is not set according to the primary time. The alarm is on when the auxiliary and primary times are different.

Put the watch on your wrist to increase the watch's temperature. Deactivate the vibration motor low-temperature power saving feature if the vibration alarm will not work. This feature self-activates when you do not wear your watch for a long period of time, including carrying it in your pocket or within a handbag.

Replace the battery when the second hand moves two seconds at a time instead of one. The alarm will also not work when the watch is in low-battery warning mode.

Push in the alarm button then pull the button out on Rotary watch model S6L71 if the alarm does not work. The source of the alarm not sounding is when you try to rest the alarm time indicator within three minutes of the alarm going off.

Return the chronograph hands to their original positions on Rotary watch model ETA G15.211 before starting the timer function. The timing function will not operate properly otherwise.

Return the crown to its normal position, pushed directly against the watch's side, after making adjustments to the watch's settings. This applies to all models. The new settings may not fully take effect otherwise.

Type a document that includes your name, the reason you are sending your watch for repairs and your telephone address.

Locate your sales receipt, showing proof of purchase of your Rotary watch.

Purchase a padded box or envelope, and insert the typed document, sales receipt and watch.

Mail the package to the following address: Service, Materials & Display R. W. Limited/ 277 Prince Avenue/ Westcliff-on-Sea/ Essex SS0 0JS.


Make a copy of your sales receipt in case you need to get your Rotary watch repaired in the future. Use a mail carrier service that offers tracking and insurance. Rotary watches purchased after January 2009 have a lifetime warranty, but the warranty requires that the watch be serviced every three years.


The second hand moving in two-second intervals is an identifying feature of both the low-battery warning feature and the vibration motor low-temperature power saving feature. Assume your battery is low if the second hand movement is still irregular after you have been wearing the watch on your wrist for some time.

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