How Do I Get My Wii Fit to Work on My Panasonic TV?

Updated April 17, 2017

Nintendo's Wii Fit is a personal fitness game for your Nintendo Wii game console. Nintendo has expanded on the original Wii Fit with Wii Fit Plus, adding new games and workouts, as well as a personal workout creator. Getting your Wii Fit to work on your Panasonic television easily accomplished with concentration and patience. Basically plug-and-play, your Wii Fit will work on your Panasonic television in no time.

Set up your Panasonic television and hook up your cable and other media first. Leave one set of red, white and yellow jacks open for the Wii plugs.

Plug your Wii console into your Panasonic television's red, white and yellow jacks. Set up the Wii console motion sensor bar either on top of your television or below your television, as shown in the Wii console guide and depending on where your television is mounted in your room.

Turn your Panasonic television on, as well as your Wii console. Flip through the channels until you find the channel that shows the Wii console home page.

Place your balance board directly in front of the television, approximately 3 to 5 feet from the motion sensor bar with the power button facing you. Insert the Wii Fit game into your Wii console and select the Wii Fit channel from your home screen. Turn your balance board on.

Follow your Wii host to playing Wii Fit on your Panasonic television, where you will start with a test to determine your body mass index and weight, play fitness games and perform fitness routines.

Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo Wii console with controller
  • Nintendo Wii Fit balance board
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