How to Make Fake Tropical Birds

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are teaching children about animal habitats, you can make the lesson more enjoyable by providing them with a hands-on craft activity. For example, when studying the tropical rainforest, you can help your students create fake tropical birds from craft materials. Once the tropical birds are complete, you can display the birds in the classroom so that the children can feel as though they are in the tropical rainforest.

Cut out a 2-inch section from a wooden skewer.

Insert one end of the 2-inch skewer into a 1-inch florist ball. This will be the tropical bird's head.

Insert the other end of the skewer into a 2-inch florist ball. This will be the tropical bird's body.

Cut the remaining skewer into two 2-inch pieces. Insert the pieces into the 2-inch ball, opposite the head. These will be the tropical bird's feet.

Apply craft glue over both balls.

Apply small colourful feathers onto the glued balls.

Insert the shaft of larger colourful feathers into the body of the bird.

Cut out a 1/2-inch triangle from yellow or orange wool felt, and glue it onto the head of the tropical bird. This will be the tropical bird's beak.

Glue two googly eyes onto the head of the tropical bird for the eyes. Allow the glue to dry completely before displaying the tropical bird.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 inch florist ball
  • 2 inch florist ball
  • Wood skewer
  • Colourful feathers
  • Craft glue
  • Wool felt
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
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