How to Upgrade a SAT NAV Disk in a Honda Accord in the UK

Updated July 20, 2017

The Honda Accord is a family car that debuted back in 1976. The last three decades have seen the car's technology improve hugely, including in-cabin tech. One of the most essential pieces of equipment is its in-dash satellite navigation system. This allows you enter your destination details and the system will plot out your route. It is always advisable to keep the maps stored for the system on DVD up-to-date so you have the latest road maps and points of interest.

Contact your local Honda dealer to buy the latest map DVD. Have your year and model number to hand.

Once the DVD has arrived, open the boot of the car and locate the rear speaker deck's underside.

Note the DVD drive mounted on the underside of the speaker. Press the eject button and insert the DVD. It will install automatically. Your Accord's GPS has now been updated.

Things You'll Need

  • Latest DVD
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