How to Change the Battery on a Sentry TC8-331 Safe

Updated February 21, 2017

The SentrySafe TC8-331 safe is an office safe designed for home or commercial use that provides protection against theft and fires. The safe unlocks via a five-digit code entered through an electronic keypad powered by four AA alkaline batteries. The safe also unlocks via an override key. When the batteries fail from either defect or age, changing the batteries simply requires that you access the battery compartment located behind the storage key hook plate inside the safe.

Open your Sentry TC8-331 by entering your five-digit user code or temporary passcode, turning the handle and then pulling the door toward you within four seconds. If you don't have the code, or the electronic lock isn't functioning, grasp the round lock case, turn it counterclockwise and remove it; insert the safe's override key into the keyhole, turn it clockwise and turn the handle to open the door.

Slide the storage key hook plate on the door up slightly and then pull it toward you to access the battery compartment beneath.

Check the orientation of the batteries -- the direction of the negative and positive terminals for each battery -- within the compartment so that you will know the correct orientation for the replacement batteries. Remove all of the batteries and set them aside for disposal.

Insert the new batteries making certain that the terminals on the batteries are aligned correctly within each battery slot.

Reattach the plate by sliding it back into place.

Close the door. If necessary, remove the override key from the keyhole and turn the lock case clockwise onto the front of the door.

Enter your user code or the temporary passcode, turn the handle and pull open the door to confirm the new batteries work.


If your user code or a temporary passcode no longer works, you may need to reprogram the lock after replacing the batteries. For user codes, push the "Program" key, enter your safe's specific factory default code and then enter the user code. For passcodes, push the "Program" key two times, enter the five-digit user code and then enter the passcode that you're trying to program.


Never mix old with new batteries or different battery brands. SentrySafe doesn't recommend using rechargeable or non-alkaline batteries in your TC8-331 electronic lock. Never program "00000" as a user code or passcode.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 new AA alkaline batteries
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