How to Take Apart a Wire Harness Connector

Updated July 19, 2017

Wire harness connector variations are next to limitless. Each style of two-sided connector that allows you to disassemble the electrical harness independent of an appliance will incorporate a device to secure the two sides together. These securing devices may take the form of clips, snaps, hooks or metal spring wires. In many cases when the harness connector connects directly to a device, the connection will occur via a through bolt.

Separate harness-to-harness plastic connectors by using a small pocket screwdriver. Always inspect the connector first; you should see some type of clip on one or both sides of the connector or a press clip on one side. If the connector has the square clips on the sides, insert the screwdriver under the clip and pry it up above the hook to pull the connector apart. If the connection occurs via side thumb clip or hook, press the top of the hook with your thumb and the hook will rotate up and release the two halves. Pull the two sections apart. One side of the connector will have female terminals, and the other will have pins or blades that can bend easily; use extreme care when joining these two connectors.

Remove fuel injector connectors on all cars using the scribe. Look closely at the injector connector; notice it is square and has a small lip at its base. Look for long, narrow slots directly above the lip; you'll see a three-sided metal spring inserted into these slots on three sides of the injector harness connector. This spring sits below three triangular plastic protrusions on the injector itself. These pieces protrude slightly through the harness connector when you push it against the injector. The metal spring below these protrusions holds the harness connector securely to the injector. Insert the scribe behind any side of the metal spring, and pry it off the injector harness connector. Take care not to lose the spring. You can now remove the electrical harness from the injector by pulling it straight up. Install the spring on the electrical harness connector before installing the connector on the injector. This way, you'll only need to push the harness connector down on the injector, and the spring will lock it on.

Remove the connector from a device by simply using a socket and removing the through bolt. Insert the connector carefully into the device, then push it in as far as possible before tightening the bolt. Never apply any torque to these bolts.

Things You'll Need

  • Scribe
  • Small pocket screwdriver
  • Socket driver set
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