How do I Convert SWF to AVI in Ubuntu Linux?

Updated July 20, 2017

Converting video is often necessary if you want to increase the playback compatibility of a certain file type. If you are running Ubuntu, the Linux distribution, then a built-in software package can be installed to convert a range of video file formats. FFmpeg is a video conversion tool that operates from the command line in Ubuntu's Terminal emulator. Once set-up, you can convert formats such as SWF to AVI.

Click the "Applications" menu, then click "Accessories," and then "Terminal." This launches Ubuntu's Terminal emulator, where you can begin to operate from the command line.

Type "sudo apt-get install ffmpeg" and press "Enter." This installs the ffmpeg package that is native to the operating system. Once that has finished installing, you are ready to convert your videos.

Type "ffmpeg -i /path/to/first.swf /path/to/target.avi" (without quotation marks). Replace "path/to/first" with the location path and file name of your SWF you want to convert. Replace "path/to/target" with the location path and file name of your converted AVI.

Press "Enter" and wait for the conversion to finish. The time this takes varies considerably depending on the file size, movie length, and processing power of your system.

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