How to Get a HD Out of a Compaq Presario SR2000

Updated July 19, 2017

One of the advantages that many desktop computers have over laptops is room for multiple hard drives. While purchasing a new laptop means going through the difficult process of transferring data to a new machine, when you purchase a new desktop computer you can move the hard drive to your new one to retain your saved files. You might need to remove the hard drive from your Compaq Presario SR2000 if you are moving it to a new computer, or if you need to install a new hard drive in your present one.

Shutdown the Presario SR2000, disconnect all cables and move the computer tower to a work surface. Leave the tower facing up, and position it so the back is facing you.

Remove the thumbscrew from the side panel with a raised lip on the back. Slide the panel toward you to remove it from the Presario SR2000.

Press the square plastic release button on the top of the front face of the computer tower, and then push the two release tabs on the bottom. Pull the front face off of the Presario SR2000.

Remove the two cables from the back of the hard drive. In most configurations, the primary hard drive of the Presario SR2000 is the bottom drive visible on the front of the computer tower.

Pull the release tab inside the Presario SR2000 tower next to the hard drive. While holding the tab, pull the hard drive out through the front of the computer tower.

Install a new hard drive if desired by repeating the previous steps in reverse.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
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