How to Activate TomTom Maps Using a Macintosh

Updated July 20, 2017

The Dutch company TomTom produces one of the most popular lines of automotive navigation systems, the eponymous TomTom GPS. As TomTom updates its maps on a regular basis, and offers maps of much of the world, it's common to need to download, install and activate a new set of maps. Fortunately this process is quick and easy using TomTom Home on Mac OS X.

Plug the TomTom into a USB port on your Mac.

Press "Yes" on the TomTom touch screen when it asks if you would like to connect the device to your computer.

Open TomTom Home.

Allow TomTom Home to activate your maps automatically. Every time you open it, TomTom Home searches for updates on your hard drive and applies any unactivated maps it finds.

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