How to Reset the Chip on an Epson CISS

Written by jason candanedo | 13/05/2017

A Continuous Ink System (CISS) is a printing technology designed to reduce the cost of printing by substituting manufacturer-made ink cartridges -- which are very expensive -- with bulk ink supply. The CISS system puts ink directly into your printing device utilising external bottles. This takes away the hassle of constantly refilling your cartridges. The CISS system is usually made in kits specifically designed for your printer device type. Resetting the CISS cartridge is not like the conventional method of resetting an ordinary ink cartridge. The steps to reset the CISS cartridge are simple.

Press the "Change Cartridge" button on your Epson printer.

Press the "Change Cartridge" button again after the cartridge carrier moves to the centre of the printing device. This will indicate which cartridge needs to be reset. You will know this by following the arrow located on your printer.

Take hold of the cartridge and lift it up for about 1/4" inch. Ensure that the chip contact disconnects with the printer head carrier.

Reinsert the cartridge back into the printing device. Press the "Change Cartridge" button again. This will reset the cartridge back to full status.

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