Mercedes Keyless Program Instructions

Written by breann kanobi | 13/05/2017
Mercedes Keyless Program Instructions
Get rid of your car key with keyless entry. (Car key image by Corneliu C from

The Mercedes Benz keyless program allows you to operate your car with no more than the touch of a few buttons. Use the smart key to lock or unlock the car and use the smart "buttons" to turn the car ignition off or on. All 2011 models are equipped with the smart key program, though you can purchase an aftermarket keyless entry remote to use on older models.

Place smart key inside of the car. The key simply needs to be in the vicinity of the car. It does not need to be connected to anything.

Press the "Keyless-Go Start" button while depressing the brake pedal in order to turn on the car.

Press the "Keyless-Go" button in order to move the switch into position one. Press the button twice in order to turn on the ignition.

Turn off the car by putting the car into park and holding the stop button.

Cancel the alarm by pressing the "Keyless-Go Start-Stop" button. In order for this to work, the smart key must be within three feet of the car.

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