How to Bypass the BIOS Password on an HP 6715B

Updated July 19, 2017

When you have some serious work or play to do on your computer, the last thing that you want is to be locked out of the machine. Yet, this is exactly what can happen if you set a password in the motherboard BIOS software and mistype or forget it. But, by temporarily removing the battery that stores the BIOS password, you can clear the password from your HP Compaq 6715B laptop and resume using your computer.

Shut the 6715B down and close the display. Disconnect the charger and all external devices, turn the machine over and remove the primary battery.

Loosen the Phillips-head screw holding the plastic cover to the centre of the computer. Lift the panel away from the computer. Under this compartment is the wireless card and memory for the 6715B. You should also see a Phillips-head screw.

Loosen the Phillips-head screw inside the compartment. The screw is captive and remains inside the computer. Also loosen the two Phillips-head screws located to the right of the compartment and in the back-left corner of the 6715B, with the empty battery compartment facing away from you.

Turn the 6715B over and open the screen. Locate the four black tabs located between the keys along the top row of the keyboard, and push each tab toward the palm rest of the computer. Lift the keyboard out of its tray, and place it facedown on the palm rest. You should now be able to see the silver circular battery that retains the BIOS password for the 6715B.

Place a finger and thumb on opposite sides of the battery and wiggle gently to lift the battery out of its holder. If necessary, pry the battery out using a tool that does not conduct electricity.

Reconnect the charting cable and turn the 6715B on. The computer does not prompt for a password. Turn it back off.

Replace the circular battery and put the keyboard back in its tray. Slide the four black tabs forward.

Close the screen and turn the 6715B over. Tighten the three Phillips-head keyboard screws.

Replace and secure the panel for the memory module and wireless card compartment.


The battery that stores the BIOS password for the HP Compaq 6715 also stores the real time clock settings. After turning the computer back on, you will need to re-enter the date and time.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
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