How to Replace a Honda CRV Cigarette Lighter

Written by marlo peterson | 13/05/2017
How to Replace a Honda CRV Cigarette Lighter
A car cigarette lighter is a convenient way to light up while driving. (Honda S2000 AP1 - 2002 s/w image by Christian Schwendemann from

A car cigarette lighter is a good alternative to traditional cigarette lighters when driving because it offers convenience and safety. Having a car lighter handy in your Honda CRV will keep you from having to search for your regular lighter or matches. And since the car cigarette lighter uses electronic heat instead of a flame, it is less of a fire hazard. When purchasing a replacement lighter, be sure to do your research so the new lighter will work in your CRV.

Purchase a new cigarette lighter from your local auto parts store. If your old lighter is broken and not lost, bring it in so that a store representative can be sure to sell you the correct replacement. If it's lost, the store should be able to help you if you provide your vehicle's make, model and year.

Insert the new cigarette lighter into the lighter socket so that it fits, but is not pushed all the way in.

Push the lighter all the way in once it's secure. Let it to sit for a few seconds so it can heat. After a few moments it will eject itself back to the original position.

Pull the cigarette lighter out. If the coils are red or hot, your new lighter is in working condition.

Things you need

  • A new lighter

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