How to Make a Stuffed Peacock

Updated February 21, 2017

Peacocks are large, colourful birds. With a plumage of bright blue-green, the male peacock is known for its iridescent tail feathers, which fan out around the bird and have markings that look like eyes on them. These eye markings are blue, gold, or red. A stuffed toy peacock makes an interesting and fun addition to any room around the home, as well as being a bright and colourful child's toy. Making your own stuffed toy peacock can be a fun, simple activity.

Spend some time looking at pictures of peacocks so you know what you are trying to create.

Draw the main shape of the peacock's body on the back of the blue material. Include the head and neck. Cut this shape out.

Repeat step two so that you have two identical shapes. Line the two shapes up with each other, so that the outside of the material is on the inside of the two shapes. Sew around the edges leaving a gap on the peacock's bottom to attach the tail later. Also leave a small gap in the face to attach the beak later.

Cut out two large fan shapes in the green material for the tail. Now take the remainder of the blue material and cut out eye shapes. Add another spot of green material to the eyes if desired. Sew the eye shapes evenly onto each of the tail pieces.

Sew the tail together inside out as in step three, so the eyes are on the inside for now. Leave a gap for stuffing. Now sew the tail to the body of the peacock.

Cut two beak shapes out of the yellow material, sew together as in step three and then sew to the face of the peacock. Turn the whole thing inside out so the line of stitching is on the inside and the correct side of the material on the outside.

Stuff the body and sew the gap closed. Make sure the stuffing fills out the beak. Repeat with the tail. You should now have a round body with a tail standing up at the back. Attach the eyes to the face. Depending on what type you purchase, these can either be sewn or glued into place.


If the toy is for a young child, you may wish to use material to make and attach the eyes in the same way as you did for the tail in step four. If the purpose of your stuffed peacock is ornamental rather than a child's toy, consider making a wire frame for the tail and covering it with real or replica peacock feathers.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric (blue - body)
  • Fabric (green - tail)
  • Fabric (yellow - beak)
  • Scissors
  • Craft eyes
  • Stuffing
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