How to make fake cigarettes

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If you want to make a prop for a fancy dress costume, or if you just want to pull a prank on your friends or parents, you can make a fairly realistic looking cigarette. It can even be one that you make puff out fake smoke.

Draw a rectangle with a ruler in the corner of a piece of paper 7.5 by 5 cm (3 by 2 inches) in size.

Draw a line with an orange-colored pencil about a quarter of the way up the rectangle and colour it in. This will be the filter. To make it look more realistic, you can colour different sizes of circles on to it with a regular pencil.

Cut out the rectangle.

Roll up the rectangular piece of paper around a normal-sized pencil or pen. Roll it fairly tight and tape it closed. Then gently pull the pen out.

Pinch off a small piece of a cotton wool ball. Apply baby powder to the cotton and then insert it into one side of the cigarette.

Shake out some baby powder on to a piece of paper. Fold the paper and pour the baby powder into the hole on the other end of the cigarette.

Light the fake cigarette on the cotton wool ball side and puff out the "smoke." The amount of times you can puff out smoke is dependent upon how much baby powder you have put in the cigarette.

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