How to Connect a Laptop to a Sony Wega on Svideo

Updated February 21, 2017

TVs and computers offer numerous connection options of which you can take advantage. You can connect your computer to an HDTV to use it as an HD widescreen monitor or to view saved computer media on your HDTV. If you wish to connect a Sony Wega TV to a laptop computer, the process is quite simple and can be achieved using just a few basic steps.

Attach one end of the S-video cable to the S-video output port on your laptop. S-video cables have to be right side up in order to connect properly, so make sure of this if the cable is not fitting snugly.

Attach the other end of the S-video cable to the Sony Wega's S-video input, located on the back of the TV near all the other video and audio connection ports.

Press the "TV/video" button on the Sony Wega remote repeatedly until the TV displays "S-video." You have now successfully connected the Sony Wega and your laptop computer.

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