How to Make Origami Pine Cones

Updated February 21, 2017

Origami is an ancient art of paper folding. Skilled origami folders can create many different objects. You can make origami pine cones using several different steps. Paint or colour the pine cones, hang them up or glue to paper to create colourful fall decorations, or use them in origami paper trees.

Crease your paper 16 times vertically and horizontally. Crease but don't fold.

Crimp the centre: Fold the paper into alternating sections of tubes and valleys. A tube is a raised area of paper while a valley is a lowered section. Every two 16th squares can form a valley and a tube.

Bring the long ends of the paper together. Rip a slight slit in one of the ends at the bottom and the top. Slide the other end into this slit.

Push alternating 16ths inward to create flaps. This will create the staggered look of the pine cone. Fold these onto each other to create a flat origami model.

Pull out the remaining flaps to finish the pine cone texture.

Lightly push the top and bottom of the pine cone to bend the sides. This will give the model the curve of a real pine cone.

Tie a string to the top of the pine cone. Attach the string to a wall or rafter with a nail.

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