How to improve bar sales

Updated November 21, 2016

It is difficult to have a successful bar. If your bar has hit a slump in sales or is falling behind and stock is piling up, there are many ways to improve sales without making drastic or costly changes to your business. With good employees and a positive attitude, you can increase your sales in no time.

Evaluate your prices on all drinks, food items or merchandise. Make sure you consider the costs of ingredients and factor that into the price for the drink.

Create daily specials for drinks that make you money. Advertise your daily specials with posters, advertisements, or chalkboards outside your bar to bring in walk-in customers. Don't forget to have signs inside where drinkers will know the specials. Make up unique mixed drinks that are glorified shots or standards with a little something extra to entice customers.

Order more stock at a time to cut down on costs. You should only pay for inventory the equivalent of 30 per cent of what you sell it for, so any discount you get for bulk orders can increase your profit margin.

Hire enough cocktail waitresses and bar backs so that bartenders only have to worry about serving drinks. This increases the speed at which you serve and keeps people from waiting a long time for drinks.

Teach salesmanship your staff and train them how to display a positive attitude. Train them to mention daily specials and to up-sell patrons to more expensive drinks.


Cut costs whenever you can to increase profit without increasing sales volume.

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