How to Attach Spur Straps

Attaching straps to cowboy spurs is a simple process. Most straps and spurs come with attachment points that are easy to find and attach. The hardest part about attaching the straps is ensuring the straps are the correct size and that they are facing in the correct direction. After attaching the straps to the spurs, the straps will not come off unless they break.

Purchase the correct size of spur strap. For men and women who have a shoe size of seven and above, an adult size strap will work best. For individuals and children with shoe sizes under a ladies seven, the youth size strap will work best. For children with very small feet that are age 7 or younger, a child size strap is required.

Locate the attachment place on the spur. Usually this is a clamp, button, buckle or studs.

Fit the spur strap over the top of the shoes that you will wear while riding the horse. Usually people wear cowboy boots with their spurs. Slide the spur around your heel. If the spur is the correct size, the spur should stay in place on your heel without the strap. The strap is there to keep it in place when walking, riding and using the spurs.

Look at where the spur meets the straps. Check the placement of the attachment location. If the straps are the correct size, then the sides of the spur should match with the holes in the strap for a snug fit. If the straps are too small, there will be a large gap between the spur and the strap. If the straps are too large, the strap will hang far over the appropriate attachment point.

Use a hammer and nail to create a new attachment hole on straps that are too big. Lay the strap on a piece of scrap wood. Punch a hole in the strap for the buckle or stud of the spur to fit through by hammering the nail through the strap and into the scrap wood. Remove the nail from the wood.

Slide the buckle, stud, button or clamp through the hole in the strap. Make sure the strap is facing the correct side up, with the buckle on the outside of the shoe. Close the buckle or clasp to attach the two pieces. If the attachment is a stud or other metal piece, hammer the stud in place with a rubber mallet. This will prevent the strap from detaching from the spur.

Things You'll Need

  • Spurs
  • Spur straps
  • Cowboy boots
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Scrap wood
  • Rubber mallet
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