How to Teach the Books of the Bible to Kids

Teaching the books of the Bible to children can be an intimidating process. Since there are 66 books, many of which have strange and unusual names, memorising them all can be difficult. The best way to teach the books of the Bible to children is through repetition, variety and competition. With these methods employed, teaching children the books of the Bible is a fun and rewarding process for the children, parents and teachers.

Show the children an overview sheet that lists each book's name, the author and what that book is about. Tell the children that they will work on learning the books by their divisions in the Bible. Divide the books by law, Old Testament history, poetry, major prophets, minor prophets, gospels, New Testament history, epistles of Paul, general epistles and prophecy. Teach one section of books at a time. Some sections are longer than others, and may take longer to learn.

Teach the children a song about all of the Bible books. There are many different tunes you can use for this. The tune does not matter, as long as all of the Bible books are listed.

Show the children flashcards of the different Bible books. Have the children list the books by providing clues about what the book is about.

Divide the children into teams of four or five children each. Divide the children so that some of the fast learners are in each team. Have the children compete with one another by creating fun games and quizzes. Use these games after most of the children have memorised the Bible books. Ask the children questions such as, "What are the books of the minor prophets?" or, "What is the book __ about?"

Sing the song and go over the flashcards at every meeting. Within a few weeks, the children should all be able to easily recite the books of the Bible.

Stage a production for the parents to showcase the new knowledge of the children. Have the children recite the books of the Bible and allow individual children to recite what each book is about.

Things You'll Need

  • Books of the Bible flashcards
  • Bible book songsheets
  • Worksheets with Bible books, subjects and meanings
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