How to Sell Your Mobile Contract

Cellphone companies always improve their cellphone models, giving them more features and styles. If you are currently not happy with your cell phone or plan, or just want to cancel your current service, there are not a lot of ways to slip out of your contract. You would mostly just keep the cellphone you have until the contract expires due to the high early termination fees. Fortunately, you can easily sell your mobile contract using an online service to find someone to take over your cell phone contract and avoid paying the early termination fees.

Visit and create an account. Click on the "Swap Out" tab and enter your cell phone carrier and contract start date and the length of your contract in the drop boxes. Leave the "Additional info about your contract" box blank of enter a brief sales pitch for the plan you want to sell. Click the right arrow button after you're are done. You will then be taken to the "My contract" page.

Enter the brand and model of your mobile phone in the "Phone" box. Enter an amount in the "Cash incentive" box if you want to offer cash along with your cellphone plan. A cash incentive might entice someone to get your plan. Click on the right arrow when you're done. You will be taken to the "Promote page".

Choose how you want to promote your cellphone plan. Select "Showcase Posting" if you want an exclusive home page placement that gets maximum exposure. This will cost you a one-time fee of £16.20 (price may change). Select "Power Posting" if you just want a regular listing. The one-time fee of this option is £12.30 (price may change). After selecting you will be required to enter your billing information. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Click on the "My Accounts" tab to view your listing. Once your cellphone plan is posted on, buyers in the US looking for a cell phone plan will search through the listings for a cellphone plan that appeals to them. You will receive an e-mail from CellSwapper if your phone plan is chosen. The email will include buyer information and the transfer instructions and support.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone contract
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